This is where you can come to find out about, and become a part of all of the wonderful events that Parentology With Paula produces and hosts in the Capital Region.

Yes I Can! Summer Olympics

July 8th to July 13th


Troy Central Little League

Swift & 7th Avenue

Troy, NY

Paula has been interviewing families for over 3 years now for Parentology with Paula and one of the issues that keeps coming up is the struggle that families face when they have a child with a developmental disability. They are often told that their child “can not participate because they are disabled.” These kids are not the problem, budget cuts and lack of patience from teachers are what stop these kids from participating in activities.

Family First Always and Parentology with Paula wanted to make these kids feel special so Paula decided to host the YES I CAN! Summer Olympics, where a disabled child will be paired up with a non disabled child and together they will complete olympic tasks throughout one week. The children must be between the ages of 8 to 14.

The olympics run from July 8th to July 12th from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and the Olympics ceremony will take place on Saturday, July 13th from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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Heels On Broadway - Building Self Esteem

July 20th


Broadway Street

Schenectady, NY

This event is promoting the program Building Self Esteem. It’s a mentoring program that will be taught in Middle Schools and High Schools throughout the Capital Region. It will help girls recognize and believe in themselves.

Lets’ face it women LOVE shoes. Why? Because it makes them feel good, so what better way to promote  Building Self Esteem then a walk on heels. Family First Always and Parentology with Paula are hosting Heels on Broadway, where women will be walking in their heels along Broadway in Schenectady.

Women will also be able to enter their shoes in a competition.

Program lineup:

9 am to 10 am – Registration

10 am-  Parade of Shoes (women who enter their shoes in the competition will walk the red carpet showing off their shoes for everyone)

10:15 am – Walk on Broadway

11 am – Fashion Show

11:40 am – Awards Presentation


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2013 Family Music Jubilee - Free to the Public

August 10th – Noon to 6 pm

Clifton Common Park

12:00 The Rock School Opens Family Music Jubilee

12:15 Audio Stars band plays

1:00 Talent Show & Idol Contest (ages 2 to 5 )

3:00 Idol Contest (ages 6 – 12) (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Prizes)

4:00 Idol Contest (ages 13 – 17) (1st, 2nd, & 3rd Prizes)

6:00 Family Music Jubilee Ends

The Band Audio Stars will be playing throughout the day. There will also be Bouncy Houses, Face Painting, and lots of parenting information from organizations throughout the Capital Region as well as lots of food, vendors.

There is NO CHARGE to enter or participate.

Rules: If your child is participating in the Idol Competition all contestants must pick 3 different songs of their choice. The songs have to be appropriate for public performance. (NO SWEARING) Performances are limited to two minutes each. Participants must bring a CD with the music of the song(s) they wish to sing or have one musician as accompaniment.

If your child is participating in the talent show, must describe the talent being performed when filling out the registration.

(*you can find any song on ITUNES and burn the Karaoke version)

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2013 Parent of the Year Gala

On Friday, January 17, 2014 Parentology With Paula and Family First Always are hosting the 2013 Parent of The Year Awards Gala, which is taking place at the Mohawk River Country Club & Chateau in Rexford NY from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m..

Don’t forget to buy your ticket to attend the event!!! Anyone and everyone can attend the Parent of The Year Awards Gala. This is an event you don’t want to miss.


1-Parent (Mom/Dad)

2-Single Parent

3-Parent with Disabled Child

4-Grandparent (raising a child for the second time)

5-Sibling (aunt, uncle, brother, sister)

6-Same Sex Parent

7-Adopting Parent

8-Entrepreneur Parent (Self-employed)

9-Funniest Parent

10-Most Organized Parent

11-The Chef (Cooks homemade meals every day)

12-Inspiring Parent

13-The Juggler (parent with 3 or more children)

14-Most Positive Parent

15-Neighborhood Parent (person who is a parent to a group of children in the neighborhood)

16-The Sweetheart Award (Parent that has been married for longer than 20 years and has more than one child from the same marriage)

17-Love and Honor Award (A couple that has been married for longer than 20 years and have more than 3 children from the same marriage.)

18-The Survivor Award (Parent that has been through a lot of struggles and managed to get up and keep going)

19-The Crafty Award (Parent that is always coming up with creative projects for kids)

20- Step-Parent


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